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We made a stop at Atlanta Botanical Garden to meet up with Ron Determann.  Mason and I got to go behind-the-scenes to the propagation areas.  This photo set shows:
-Sarracenia purpurea ssp. burkii f. luteola
-Sarracenia purpurea ssp. burkii
-Sarracenia leucophylla Sumter County, GA
-Sarracenia rubra “Georgia Fall Line Sand Hill” Taylor County, GA
-S. alabamensis
-S. oreophila
-S. oreophila
-S. rubra “Georgia Fall Line Sand Hill”
-S. purpurea ssp. montana
-S. ‘Adrian Slack’


Blooms from this morning! Crimson Rambler, Grandpa Ott, and a mysterious unknown pink trumpet

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I keep seeing these around. I have always wondered what they were. I always thought maybe they were some sort of Kalanchoe or something. Maybe someone can tell me?

it’s a type of sedum. probably “autumn joy” sedum since that’s the most commercially available. it blooms in the fall and gets sort of poofy red blooms. i work at a greenhouse, and we have tons of this stuff

Thank you! Now I finally know!


My oregano plant is buzzing off all of this sun!