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Terrariums by Zelda English



Flower of the Week #23 - June (by flora-file)

Cotyledon orbiculata

(via viridiplantaestuff)

Stripey guy is a Vriesea splendens!! A bromeliad! Ugh, I want like a million of them. So jealous.

And the tall dude is a Dracaena (Corn plant probably.)

(Source: everythinginpots)


Bought a foxglove (Digitalis purpureum) at Food Basics! ((Woot~ mobile blogging))

I tried a dwarf form in the shade garden years ago and failed… Now that I have some experience with its cousin D. grandiflora, it’s about time I gave this biannual beaut a round 2! This time it’ll be planted in a sunnier, more protected area of the shade garden.

Photographed July 24th 2014

You bastard!!!! (I mean, LUCKY!)


Sometimes, the unexpected happens, like this seemingly very weak volunteer seedling (asparagus?) (top: pictured in January, bottom now) succeeding. No one would have bet a dime on it…

A veces, sucede lo inesperado. Como ésta, aparentemente muy débil plantita que nació por su cuenta (esparraguera?) (en la foto de arriba, en enero, abajo ahora). Nadie habría apostado un centavo por ella …